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Please don’t read if you are too sensitive

Image created by the author. Aristotle's image taken from Wikimedia Commons

Medium-algorithm is a puzzle, but listicles are the clues to solve it.

Aristotle was a young frustrated guy in Stagira, Greece. He was suffering from thoughts-disease as he had opinions about everything in life.

His mind never rested and always gave him this-and-that to produce unique thoughtful writings.

He had a Facebook account where he used to vomit his extraordinary ideas on a regular basis, but sadly nobody gave a damn. He posted a great piece about politics a few weeks ago but found no likes or comments.

So, to satisfy his ego, he liked his own post and consoled…

I consciously unfollowed him and chose to be a different person.

The author at Sylhet, Bangladesh, 2019. The author reserves the rights to this image.

My father lost his father when he was a school student. He and his older brother struggled much to survive as the family was not so well-off. At that time, they lived in a rural area with no money and guidance.

I know the family history. I admire both my father and my uncle for what struggle they have gone through in their younger age to survive. Life is hard. And they know what this sentence means more than anyone else. …

A soul wandering in the wilderness

Jahangirnagar, Dhaka (2019). The photo captured by the author.

Magic happens when you dare to say goodbye to your comfort zone and hit the road. You come across things that unknown — you hear the music unheard — you discover the beauty hidden from your very city-eyes.

All you need is to find some time to start your journey to the destination undefined. Leave the brick-walls and conditioned-air just for a day and see what happens under the sun.

The Journey Begins

When you take the bus, you don’t know your destination. But you have no fear of being lost — because you want to get lost and immerse in places unexplored.

Smartness has nothing to do with your looks, money, or fame.

Image created by the author using Canva

Well, that’s an ambitious title, isn’t it? I mean, we know who is smart and who is not. We see them all the time. Smart people are everywhere. They are in the movies, on social media, on YouTube, and in magazines. They also seem omnipresent in all fancy events that have red carpets.

They look tall, beautiful, shiny, and of course, sexy. They have money, image, fame, fan, and followers. Some of them are so smart that they have already become the influencer. Their tiny pieces of advice are the breakfasts for millions of people.

They wear clothes from Armani…

Updated on April 09, 2021

All I have published on Medium (so far) listed here

I Have Published 103 Stories in Seven Months

I have never been so prolific as a writer in my life. In the last eight months, I have published 133 stories on diverse topics, including nature, environmental issues, writing, reading, self-development, mental health, self-awareness, habits, love, relationships, happiness, success, money, travel, movie reviews, history, culture, music and more.

I have started two quality publications, The Masterpiece and The Environment, where hundreds of writers from different parts of the world submit their best stories to be published. Both the publications are top-class in terms of quality writing and stunning interface. They are free of listicles, cliche, or shallow topics.


Deal with your mind in a more easy and effective way.

Two Little Things That Guarantee Your Peace of Mind
Image created by the author using Canva

One of my favorite quotes comes from the French philosopher Blaise Pascal. The quote reads, “All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.”

Seriously? Sit quietly in a room alone? In reality, we don’t want to sit quietly for a second. We want to run at the speed of light and outshine everyone around us. We want to achieve more and more in the shortest possible time. Forget about everyone else, take writers, for example. Yes, even writers are in a constant race.

They are desperate to publish the next bestselling book and…

Why Japan is experiencing a steep population drop

Will Japan Become a Country Full Of Aged People by 2045?
Image created by the author using Canva

There is another Japan behind their technological advancement and high-pace lifestyle where the cities and towns are dying. They are dying because there are not enough people and the young ones are moving to big cities for new opportunities. Due to the low birth rate, depopulation and aging, smaller towns and cities are left for only a handful of aged people.

Experts predict that by the 2040s, rural depopulation in Japan will outpace that in every country except Bulgaria and Albania. And hundreds of small cities and towns will be completely deserted over time.

But why is Japan’s population declining…

A ketogenic diet can change the way you look at weight loss

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

What if I tell you you can lose weight without even going to the gym? Does that sound unreal — too good to be true? Well, certainly not. I tried myself, and the result was excellent. I lost 12 pounds in just one month.

My nine-to-five job doesn’t allow me to spend much time in the gym. Well, let’s not blame the job. Actually, I hate to spend time smelling other people’s sweat in the gym. So one day, I was searching for an easy way to lose my extra weight. …

White bellbird is the world’s loudest bird

White bellbird is the world’s loudest bird
White Bellbird. Photo from Brendan Ryan on Flickr

In the afternoon, I was browsing the internet casually. And then I encountered a white bird. No, it was not outside of my window. It was in the news I was reading. This all-white lovely bird has the loudest call that is even unsafe for human ears if you hear it from a close distance.

Yes, white bellbirds of Amazon have the loudest call recorded so far, 125 decibels, 9 decibels louder than the Screaming Piha.

The Screaming Piha (Lipaugus vociferans), another Amazonian bird, was the previous record-holder for being the world’s loudest bird until researchers Cohn-Haft and Jeff Podos…

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