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Updated on May 14, 2021

All I have published on Medium (so far) listed here.

I have never been so prolific as a writer in my life. In the last nine months, I have published 161 stories on diverse topics, including nature, environmental issues, writing, reading, self-development, mental health, self-awareness, habits, love, relationships, happiness, success, money, travel, movie reviews, history, culture, music and more.

I have started two quality publications, The Masterpiece and The Environment, where hundreds of writers from different parts of the world submit their best stories to be published. Both the publications are top-class in terms of quality writing and stunning interface. They are free of listicles, cliche, or shallow topics.



Please don’t read if you are too sensitive.

Medium-algorithm is a puzzle, but listicles are the clues to solve it.

Aristotle was a young frustrated guy in Stagira, Greece. He was suffering from thoughts-disease as he had opinions about everything in life.

His mind never rested and always gave him this-and-that to produce unique thoughtful writings.

He had a Facebook account where he used to vomit his extraordinary ideas on a regular basis, but sadly nobody gave a damn. He posted a great piece about politics a few weeks ago but found no likes or comments.

So, to satisfy his ego, he liked his own post and consoled…

I consciously unfollowed him and chose to be a different person.

My father lost his father when he was a school student. He and his older brother struggled much to survive as the family was not so well-off. At that time, they lived in a rural area with no money and guidance.

I know the family history. I admire both my father and my uncle for what struggle they have gone through in their younger age to survive. Life is hard. And they know what this sentence means more than anyone else. …

A soul wandering in the wilderness

Magic happens when you dare to say goodbye to your comfort zone and hit the road. You come across things that unknown — you hear the music unheard — you discover the beauty hidden from your very city-eyes.

All you need is to find some time to start your journey to the destination undefined. Leave the brick-walls and conditioned-air just for a day and see what happens under the sun.

The Journey Begins

When you take the bus, you don’t know your destination. But you have no fear of being lost — because you want to get lost and immerse in places unexplored.

Smartness has nothing to do with your looks, money, or fame.

Image created by the author using Canva

Well, that’s an ambitious title, isn’t it? I mean, we know who is smart and who is not. We see them all the time. Smart people are everywhere. They are in the movies, on social media, on YouTube, and in magazines. They also seem omnipresent in all fancy events that have red carpets.

They look tall, beautiful, shiny, and of course, sexy. They have money, image, fame, fan, and followers. Some of them are so smart that they have already become the influencer. Their tiny pieces of advice are the breakfasts for millions of people.

They wear clothes from Armani…

We should not judge any country based on its regime.

Hello and welcome everyone to another episode of The Masterpiece Interview.

Today we have Agnes Simigh with us. Agnes is a very passionate traveler who has already visited around 40 countries. She has been working as an international tour guide for the last ten years.

Though born in Hungary, now Agnes is living in Germany with her husband and waiting for the end of this pandemic madness to resume her traveling. We are very excited to talk to her.

So, let’s start the conversation right away.

Welcome to The Masterpiece Interview, Agnes! We are very happy to have you with…

This is what I learned working under a toxic boss for more than a year.

What do you want from your job? This is what I want: an inspiring environment, a cooperative boss, and of course, a decent monthly paycheck. I also want my works to be recognized. I hope you want more or less the same.

Now let me ask you, do you always get what you want in your job? According to an article published in SeedScientific, less than 50% of employees trust their companies. But the more depressing news is nearly 75% of employees quit their job because of their boss.

I worked under a toxic boss for more than a year…

Money failed to cloud his life and it surprised me a lot.

A few weeks ago, we went to Mymensing, Dhaka, to meet a man who has a big lemon farm. He has already been featured on TV several times for his incredible success in lemon farming. He earns millions a year and already changed his and many other’s lives all across the country.

We first came to know about this man through a YouTube video and decided to visit his farm and talk to him. There was a specific reason for that. We were planning to get involved in farming. And we selected lemon farming as our pilot project.

Zahid Hasan…

The longer the neck, the more beautiful the women.

Every culture has its fair share of unique things that may seem weird or strange in the eyes of strangers. Kayan tribe is no different. When you visit the Kayan tribe(also known as Padaung), the first thing you see is women with apparently longer necks covered with shiny brass coils.

Myanmar’s Kayan tribe now lives in Thailand. When in 1962, the military seized power of then Burma (Myanmar), the Kayan and other tribes were being treated badly due to their customs and traditions. Day by day, the treatment got worse. …

When you expect less, you become happier.

Remember the folktale of a king and happy man? If not, let me help you recall the story —

There was a powerful king who, despite all the wealth and money, was unhappy. His friends and advisors tried hard to make him happy, but all their efforts went in vain. Finally, a doctor came to help and said if the king spent the night in the shirt of the happiest man in his kingdom, he would be happy.

So, the king sent his men to find the happiest man in his kingdom. Months went by, yet the happiest man remained…

S M Mamunur Rahman

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