Essential Marketing Strategy Lessons for Young Entrepreneurs

Set Godin’s marketing strategy lessons will help you thrive your business.

I was first introduced to Seth Godin back in 2016 while I was working for a marketing & communication company. At that time, I was searching for a good marketing book to guide me. Then, in a city library, Seth Godin caught my attention with his book This Is Marketing.

After reading that book, I became a fan of Seth Godin. Honestly, he helped me rethink how we should offer our products and services to the target customers to get better results.

Seth inspires marketers to develop an eye that can see what other people mostly ignore. He encourages you to tell stories that can give your customers a good feeling and build trust. He says no one cares what you or your products but they do care what you make them feel.

Anyway, there are so many marketing gems to learn from Seth Godin. Here, I will discuss five major marketing strategy lessons from him that can help you connect your customers and build long-term relationships with them.

Let’s dive into it.

Show Your Customers a Purple Cow

People are consuming advertisement twenty-four-seven. From television to social media feeds, ads are everywhere. No one can scroll their phone for long without seeing an ad. Even ads are in the games you play, the videos you watch, or even the books you read online. So, in this ad-dominated world, how will you place your product to grab people’s attention?

In his book Purple Cow, Seth says, “The key to success is to find a way to stand out — to be the purple cow in a field of monochrome Holsteins.”

With this purple cow metaphor, he means that your advertisement must not be what is already in the field. If you want people to take a moment and be curious about what you offer, you must place special, unconventional, and eye-catching ads.

Your ads must tell stories in an innovative way that immediately connects people emotionally.


  • Show what no one is showing with unique storytelling.
  • Market your products or services in an innovative way.
  • Grab your customers’ attention connecting them emotionally.

Avoid Mass Marketing

Mass marketing has become obsolete now. It is just a waste of time, money, and effort. Remember, you don’t need to reach every people in the world. No, that is not your goal. All you have to do is — make sure that your potential customers are well-informed about you.

Seth Godin says that in this new tech-driven world, mass marketing is not what marketers should do. The strategy should be not to market your products or services to the people who may ignore you but to those who seem to your potential customers.

He says, “Market to these other people because these are the people who care. These are the people who are obsessed with something.”

There is literally no point in offering your products to those who will ignore you.


  • Avoid mass marketing to save time, money, and effort.
  • Market your products or services to people who will care.

Nobody Cares About You or Your Products

Yes, this is the god honest truth. Customers literally have no interest in what you offer to them and how big your company is, or how much growth you achieved last year. They have more choices than before as more companies offer the same products or services your offer with less money.

Seth emphasizes that customers have only one interest. That is how your product or services make them feel.

Seth is right. As human beings, we all care about ourselves. We value the products that make us feel good and enhances our lifestyle. We purchase the services from companies that put ourselves in their priority.

It is very crucial. It sets the angle of your marketing strategy. Of course, you will tell people how better your product is and how strong your client base but in doing so, you must tell them how your products will benefit your customers — how it will make their life better than before.

If the customers feel great and have a sense of satisfaction purchasing your products or services, you will create a long-term bond with your customer for sure.

Seth says, “The question you should ask before creating any content or advertising material is: How do this make people feel special?”


  • Make your customers feel valued
  • Enhance their lifestyles with what you offer

Market Yourself Through Your Customer’s Story

If you want to create positive impacts on your customers’ minds, you must tell them their stories and solve their problems.

Go into their psyche and understand their problems and how your services or products can help them solve those problems. The best way to understand your customers is to be curious about their need, want and desire.

Have the humility to ask your customers out how you can help them. Understand their dreams, goals, and activities. Observe their behavior closely. Finally, market yourself through their story so that they can connect to it instantly.

Seth says that innovative marketers invent new solutions that work with old emotions. They tell stories that resonate and hold up over time.

Make connections with your customers telling their stories. Remember, they may forget your product, but they will never forget how it made them feel.


  • Understand your customer’s needs, wants, and behavior.
  • Market your products or services through their stories.

Build Trust Because It Is As Scarce As Attention

Trust is built when what you say and what you offer don’t conflict. You are not there just to sell products or services. You are in the market with a genuine intention to make your customers feel happy and content. Show them that you care for them.

Seth says that word of mouth is still the most potent form of marketing. Your ultimate goal should be to motivate your audience to share your content with their circle. And once you earn people’s trust, they are willing to pay you whatever you charge.

He says, “Most of the time if I can engage with someone for three minutes, it’s free. But if you want me to get on a plane…or do something special for you, then let’s agree to charge for it because it’s worth it.”

Seth believes that trust is as scarce as attention. A trusted marketer can make a promise and keep it, earning more trust. To sustain your business, you must build trust by offering what you promise and valuing your customers.


  • Keep your words no matter what
  • Value your customers, they will value you.

To Conclude

Marketing is not about only throwing your products into the mass, it is about connecting your audiences by telling their stories in the most innovative ways.

If you show them that you care by understanding their problems well, they will feel interested in you and listen to what you say. And most certainly, they will take what you offer.

Of course, you need a good logo, a short and effective slogan, and a tidy website, but more than that, according to Seth Godin, you must learn to see and understand your customers first. Then, show your purple cow to grab their attention, make them feel good by telling their stories and solving their problems. Finally, you must keep your words and build trust to turn your customers into your fan.

I hope this post will help you gain some insights and create an effective marketing strategy to connect your customers well.

Happy marketing!

Thank you for reading.

Editor of The Masterpiece

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