Should You Block Diana Meresc?

Let’s find out.

S M Mamunur Rahman
3 min readJul 9, 2022


Should You Block Diana Meresc for Being a Bot Who Thanks You for Everything You Do?
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“I just blocked Diana today. I didn’t mind her following me or commenting with off base comments, but I hate how she would highlight almost every sentence in my stories. It was too annoying, so bye-bye, Diana!”

This is how a Medium writer responded to Robin Christine Honigsberg’s post titled The Evidence Diana Mersec Is A Bot Is Mounting.

Another writer echoes the same in a comment on the article Why I Blocked Diana Meresc by Gustave Deresse, “Wow, thanks for letting me know. She highlights and reads my work all the time. Always thought it was odd at how quickly she would write a comment and — you’re right — they were always the same. Couldn’t put my finger on it but now it makes sense.”

But wait!

Who is this Diana Meresc? Is she really a bot? If she is — then should we block her?

Is Diana Meresc a bot?

When Diana commented on my post thanking me for everything I do, I was over the moon. I mean, why not? When a reader loves your works and thanks you for what you do, you will definitely feel elated and inspired unless your heart is made of stone.

Out of curiosity, I checked Diana’s profile and found nothing but a few listicles. No profile picture, no post about who she is, and no other evidence that says she is a real human being.

Honestly, I thought to myself; she is too introverted to upload her photos and speak about herself. Later, I saw her Ko-fi page, where people actually bought her coffees. I also found her on Quora.

She was out of my mind until I came across Gustave’s article Why I Blocked Diana Meresc, which established that she is a bot.

“My education in computer science probably helped reveal the truth. Still, it wasn’t a quick path to my full acceptance of the realization,” Gustave wrote. “The highlighting was insensible, comments repetitive, articles of dubious nature.”



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