This Attractive Woman Suddenly Turned into the ‘Ugliest Woman in the World’ and Had to Endure Human Cruelty to Save Her Children

The tragic story of Mary Ann Bevan will shock you.

S M Mamunur Rahman
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Mary Ann Bevan Photo from Wikimedia Commons. Edited by the author using Canva

Before turning into the ‘ugliest woman in the world,’ Mary Ann Bevan was a young and attractive woman living a comparatively happy life with her husband and kids.

Nobody ever thought her life would take a dramatic turn within a few years and she had to endure human cruelty and shame to save her four children.

Mary Ann Webster was born on 20 December 1874 to a needy family in Plaistow, East London, and grew up as a healthy and normal girl like her other seven siblings.

In 1894, at the age of twenty, Mary Ann completed her training as a nurse. Back then, she was an attractive brunette with a dream of having a big family of her own.

While working as a nurse in London, she got attracted to a greengrocer named Thomas Bevan. They started seeing each other and eventually got married in 1903.

Mary Ann Webster became Mary Ann Bevan, living a happy and exciting life with her husband.

Life could never have been better than this!

But as the proverb goes: Things don’t always go as planned.

Within three years of her marriage, Mary Ann began to show the symptoms of a very unusual disease called acromegaly. She noticed abnormal growth in her hands and distortion in her face with other symptoms like severe headaches and fading eyesight.

This rare disease happens due to the overproduction of the growth hormone in the pituitary gland and results in the enlargement of hands, feet, forehead, jaws, and nose.

Sadly, there was no cure available at that time for acromegaly.

Mary Ann had almost nothing to do but witness how her beautiful body was slowly turning into an unrecognizable one.

At one point, she had to quit her nursing job as her body features became more out of joint.



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