You Shouldn’t Hate Your Bad-Tempered Boss Before Trying This

Here is how to deal with a bad-tempered boss.

S M Mamunur Rahman
5 min readAug 23, 2022


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Nobody likes to work for a bad-tempered boss. I realized it the hard way working nearly two years under such a boss.

I’m sure you already know how it feels to work under a bad-tempered boss, don’t you?

Your day seems like a living nightmare. No matter what you do, you fail to please your boss. Without understanding the situation, your boss only shows his rage. And things get more complicated when you become the target of your boss’s anger. Eventually, you lose the motivation to work.

Sometimes, you feel so lost that all you want is to quit the job. But you cannot because your family depends on your income. So, you continue to hate your boss more than yesterday, curse him, and want him to die or fall sick so that you might not face him again.

According to a survey by SPANA, one in five employees hate their boss, while 10% agree that they are ‘arrogant’ and ‘two-faced.’

But have you ever thought about why your boss is bad-tempered? What are the reasons behind his always-angry look? Most importantly, how should you deal with him to make the situation more manageable and potentially improve your relationship with him?

Understand your boss’s triggers

My bad-tempered boss got very upset when he saw employees chatting with each other instead of working at their desks. Maybe your boss gets angry when people are late or don’t meet deadlines. Perhaps he doesn’t like it when people challenge his authority.

We often forget that our boss is a human being and he has family, kids, and other social relationships. So any complexity in his personal life can also set his mood off, and he can show signs of aggressiveness or anger at work.

If you understand what sets your boss off, you can try to avoid those things and manage the situation well.

However, it’s equally important to be aware of your triggers. For example, maybe you get angry when your boss is critical of your work or doesn’t praise you for your efforts. The point is if you know what bothers you, you can try to stay calm and deal…



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